The Whole Brained Child and Why we Love It

This book is fab for a number of reasons. Firstly, it's based on up to date information, neuroscience. It is written by professionals in a way that makes practical sense and is littered with everyday scenarios. The best part is the mini-stories and scripts provided. So, an idea is presented and then backed up with a script between a parent and child to showcase exactly how the scene would play out. Scenes we experience everyday.

Having worked with these principles for many years, I think that this book is so important. It can make huge changes in a parents understanding which is such a strengthener of one's relationship with their child. Many parents of teens say, I wish I knew this sooner. 

Sometimes, to understand the child, its best to understand the brain! This book gives a good taster for the parts of brain at work when your babe is in emotional chaos or even just having an emotional experience. It has good practical tips for opening up conversation and how to help children understand difficult things that have happened. This is like a driver's manual to supporting and nurturing your child's developing brain.

A gold nugget in here is "name it to tame it"instead of 'dismiss and deny'. For example, It's a commonly held belief that if a child falls, the parent should say something along the lines of "you're okay, don't cry, you're fine" with some belief that this will help them not have an issue and move on. However, name it to tame it demonstrates a different way to help your child negotiate these experiences. And, it is well known that if you help a child process an emotion (name it to tame it) they will move on and move through it much more successfully.


M. Anderson

B.A, M.Ed, PgDip ChFamPsych