Togs Togs Undies ... Swim Nappies

If starting out with modern cloth nappies and feeling at sea we recommend first start with a swim nappy. Its easy af and with a small investment you will be making a big difference.

Consider the fact that many swim lessons, beach dips or ripple rides are only 20-40 minutes long. Do you really want to use a disposable nappy that is going to sit around for 500 years + , each time? 

Swim nappies protect against code brown and we recommend getting 1-3. Perfect for holidays they dry super quick and you'll never have to do a mad dash when you have run out of disposable swimming nappies.

Enjoy all those amazing water baby moments knowing we have your butt covered with the swim nappy we have tested and design we love the most. Also, the size can be changed meaning that you can use it right from approximately 4kg to 16 kg.

Did we also mention your cost savings? ...