We thought you ought to know, that all of those fan raves, testimonials and love for TUTI you'll see is all from verified buyers from our website. You can trust us!
We also thought you may like the low down on our fan faves; Top five:
1. Swim nappy. It's been everyone's favourite for quite some time now. Easy to use, great print options and so cute! One size fits most means you only need to buy one, ever! Or two, then repeat the use on your next kids. Can't ask for any more than that.
2. Wet Bags. Quality zips, multi - use. You'll end up adding a few to your stash. I didn't realise that after nappies I'd still be using them LOTS for kindy and school and swimming and adventures. 
3. Nurse pads. Yep they're thristy, eco friendly, great value and use as make up wipers when you're done. Now there's a hack!
4. Bamboo cloth wipes. Silky soft and yep that's why they're always sold out. A fan fave!
5. Training pants. If you know, you know when it comes to the TUTI trainer pants. Also why they're always sold out unfortunatly. We can't keep up. We made the design we needed and ya'll agreed they're essential