Top Six Apps For Parents

  • The Wonder Weeks:

I'll be honest here - I was sceptical of this app. Down to the day developmental info and hacks? Who has dreamt this up. But I was wrong. No need to be sceptical. It is rooted in developmental science, research and observations of babies. The author of the book and app has serious credentials in neuropsychology and development. So brace yourself when you see some massive stormy periods and of course it might not be your child exactly, but you can rest assured this is no gimmick. 

  • 1 Second Every Day:

I got recommended this when babe was about 8 weeks. No I did not do it everyday but it is really cool and it gets upgraded making it better and better. 

  • Photopostie:

Yep, shoot those pictures straight off your phone and get them to print without having to go onto another website or store. This is an app that allows you to just add pictures off your phone to print and get the job done. Its a job that can take a long time and this makes it much easier. Bye-bye middle guy.

  • WellChild:

This is reasonably new.. let me translate. The Plunket book online! Some are quicker or slower to the party on the switch from paper to apps but it has arrived for those that want to take notes on their phone rather than in the book or both..

  • Instagram:

Needs no introduction.

  • Elle Magazine

This mag was one of my faves and with a limited budget being on parental leave I picked up a $19.95 one year app subscription so I read it on my phone. It's great to have on you if your stuck in the car while babe is asleep or out... or anytime you beg borrow or steal a moment to yourself. I'm sure most mags have these sort of apps now. Treat yo self!