Budget Buster: Cost Savings with Modern Cloth Nappies

A trip to Fiji? No problem! Conservatively you will save $3,000 -$5,000 per child using cloth vs disposable nappies. Even using them part-time you're in store for massive savings. Spend money on rubbish and landfill or buy-once-buy right with modern cloth nappies. See here for some basic math on what you're in store to save. And, that's on the back of making a massive difference for the environment and the world today and tomorrow.

All things considered, you will save with modern cloth nappies. If you buy a nappy pack, it will take a couple of months and then you will have made your money back, not to mentioned that they'll be used for more than one child. You'll save on scented nappy bags, rubbish bags and also wipes if you choose to reuse. 

A full breakdown and cost analysis is available on thenappylady.co.nz under cloth nappies, and cost break down.


When you see the numbers then you see that it is a win - win - win situation.