Tuti customers and their contribution to our KICK ASS nappies

Welcome to the TUTI family.
TUTI was started by parents, Mark and Megan with the mission to create the best cloth nappy. On their quest to find nappies for their eldest child, they could not find a product made with love. 
What started as their mission has become a collective mission of TUTI and their customers.
Every time they go about designing the new range of nappies the cut, fabrics and performance of their nappies are reviewed. The research and development of nappies is unique because the style of nappies created by TUTI (one size fits most or OFSM) means that the same nappy can be worn by a baby 4kg right through to 16 kg and this means that the fit and absobancy needs to change with the baby as the baby grows.
From the beginning, Megan has kept in very close contact with customers about how they find the nappies, which inserts they prefer and likes and dislikes. All babies are different and therefore flexibility in the way you use a nappy is important as well as keeping it as simple as possible. 
TUTI's head was to make the best quality cloth nappies available using natural fibre inserts (which perform better and have positive sustainability features) but their heart lay with making cloth nappies as simple as possible to use by providing ultimate value in each nappy purchased. It is with a big heart that TUTI has watched more and more parents using cloth nappies, often only to exclaim they wish they had started sooner. 
The TUTI collective has had hundreds of customers talk about their preference for double insert, that they love the different ways a TUTI nappy can be used, that they can use one nappy for 12+ hours overnight with a hemp booster, the hacks that they pick up on the TUTI social media or through direct messaging Megan, the different insert options and how they can use them.
And, more than ever the TUTI collective is waiting with great anticipation for the release of the brand new range of designer prints due in the mid year. These prints have been created by Megan, a New Zealand designer and with accompanying art work from a New Zealand artist. The latest insert combinations are based on the feedback of parents from Australia, New Zealand and further afar about what they believe the "sweet spot" is in creating a beautiful fit, cut and ultra thirst absorbency for their beautiful babies.
It has been our heart warming pleasure to have so many so interested in joining our quest and initially taking a punt on us. Since then, we know that people love the love we have put into our nappies (because they tell us!)
At this point we are feeling so proud of our nappies. Those two super charged thirsty natural fibre inserts do the job over and over. The fit is lit and the prints pop. 
So please keep in touch. Common questions include.. WHAT DO I DO WITH POO? HOW do I WASH THEM? HOW MANY DO I NEED? WHY are TUTI's DIFFERENT?