Using Modern Cloth Nappies at Night

At night, as your baby gets older you will change them less often in the night. This means that they will wet their nappy and it will need a high level of absorption.

Nighttime is when boosters are great to use. 

What is a booster: It is another insert. Usually different to the ones you use during the day. They've often got more layers and/or they're made of a different fabric to give extra ninja kick ass absorbency meaning you won't have a problem during the night.

Booster options: We use hemp boosters or a nine layer bamboo trifold. With the hemp booster, I put one under a long bamboo fleece insert. Hemp has one of the best absorption abilities of all natural fibres. Bamboo wicks moisture away from babies skin meaning they are comfortable through the night. If you stuff your nappies (meaning you put the inserts into the pocket) then baby will have suede cloth fabric against their skin, again a great fabric to wick moisture away from babes skin. 

The bamboo trifold is a great option. I use just this as a nighttime booster, without another insert. The right combination will be different for every baby and its great to have different options. Bamboo is mega absorbent, one of the very best and also it holds on to moisture, meaning it won't release it like microfibres can under pressure. Although this insert is super thirsty with nine layers, it folds out for a faster drying time. 

Check out my blog: Natural fabrics used in our modern cloth nappies for more information about how fab-tactic bamboo, cotton and hemp really area.

At nighttime its good to think about how your baby typically sleeps. For example, my babe slept on her stomach 100% of the time and I would make sure that the insert was positioned more to the front of the nappy so that it would catch the flow during the night and there was no chance of leaks in the top or front of the nappy. You will notice where your child's nappy is most wet in the morning.