Join the club!

A growing number of people are diving right in and giving it a go. There is no need to make it complicated. Once you get shown, go for it and then problem solve along the way as you need to. It's not all or nothing. Just go for a hoon, give it a try.

We were total cowboys - and still are. We are grateful to have had many friends that just did it. None of us even talked about it, in parallel we all just knew that it was a good thing to do and not a difficult thing to do. We didn't converse or stew on it. When we noticed that each other did it we might say "how do you find it?" and always the response was something like "love it", "so easy", "so good" from both parents, and then we might go on to share little tips like what we do when travelling or our favourites, or how we find nighttime.

You might have your favourite nappies - most people do! BUT in saying that, almost all of them work similarly so don't let it put you off - the thought that it is hard. Give it a go and then find your favourites.

One of the best tips I have is to give a friend some. Being given some takes the decision of buying them out of the equation. Then they can go for it. This really helped for us. We had them there and so there was no reason not to launch ahead.

TUTI's were made by two cowboys. We wanted nice, quality and easy to use nappies that were not naff. So go ahead, jump on this wagon cowboy~

I always wonder how the heck I can help people understand how easy it is but this week I saw Em at Raising Ziggy do it best. In her words ... buy a nappy. Use it and wash it.


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