We've blogged before about "no nice to have's" but we also wanted to throw in some ideas about repurposing your products as we love to repurpose things!

Theres a fun kind of creativity with it. We have buckets that we use to move things about and unfortunately the handles have broken but we have poked holes in them and got the rope handles going so they can keep going and going.

But, in terms of your products here are some hot tips to keep them going and going and also they're budget busting minimalist goals for you :O)

Inserts: The organic cotton trifold inserts make the best cleaning cloths once your children have finished their nappy career. I am often dusting and wiping down surfaces and window sills with them. Nothing beats a sturdy organic fibre cloth!

Inserts that come with the nappies can also be popped into training pants so that you can use them as toddler night nappies or for older children, to increase absorption but continue your child's progress on toilet training. 

Our nursing pads are great as they're reusable throughout your breastfeeding career and afterward they're great for face washers or wipes to take off make up. 

If your nappies shells become delaminated (which shouldn't happen) you can still use the shell as a swim nappy. Don't use typical shells usually though, as this will damage them.

Wet bags you'll use throughout childhood without a doubt. Great to pack pens, clothes, underwear, dirty laundry when travelling, sleep over needs or toiletries.

Our cloth wipes are great for nappy changes, but don't forget that they're awesome and silky soft which makes them lovely for wiping faces and little hands after fun time or eating and snack breaks.

Our sleeve bibs are built to be flexible! One must be comfortable while having fun. They're perfect for little eaters from 4 months and then toddlers who are masters of mess, and then furthermore for painting and messy play. You'll get A LOT of use from these!

We are big believers in less stuff and repurposing and fixing things, we hope you can see that in the quality of our products and that we love to allow our customers to buy once and buy right.