We have two new wet bag styles ready to drop.

One by our very own NZ designer - and both have quality YKK zips with a double pocket.

We favour unisex design so have created two top quality unisex options to be used by all members of the family.

Right so lets talk about all the ways you can use the wet bag.

  • Nappies: I send my clean packed nappies in the wet bag to creche and they're returned in the big pocket with any left over still dry in the front pocket
  • At the beach, wet stuff, pants, undies, nappies, togs
  • Toy categorisation. Might sound odd at first but if you like things in order, you can only have so many baskets or toy boxes. 
  • Travelling. For smalls, dirty washing, wet things
  • Drink bottles in bags. Bottle transport in the parent bag. 
  • Rubbish collection when out and about. Pop all that done with stuff in the bag so that it doesn't soil all of your other goodies while out and about
  • For bathroom items when travelling.
  • For paperwork, e.g. when you have to transport papers for signing in the school bag
  • For lunch, put fruit and wrapped items in the wet bag so that it is easily found in the backpack.
  • Toilet training: Keep undies, pull ups and extra pants in the wet bag for an outing
  • Extra outfits. Sending babe away over night? Show the carer easily what the full outfit is for the next day by putting the garments in the wet bag and they can then exchange to put the dirty outfit in there easily ready for you to throw at the laundry pile. 

..But wait there's more.


The uses for wet bags are endless and they're a great gift idea! It's awesome to buy gifts that people will find really functional. 😊