WTH?! I'm Lost with all the Modern Cloth Nappy (MCN) terms

I hear ya! I felt the same. This was a new language I didn't speak. That's why we sell nappies complete with two quality inserts, so you don't have to make choices and then you can add on other options as you get rolling and work out how easy it all is.

Here is a quick dummies guide:

  • All-in-2 nappy: This is a nappy where you snap in one or two inserts (like TUTI's)
  • Pocket nappy: These nappies you can stuff the inserts into the nappy via a pocket inside at the back (like TUTI's) you can choose whether to stuff the inserts or not. Either way you have silky ultra absorbent bamboo fleece against babes skin or you have suede fabric which is perfect for and wicking moisture away from the skin.
  • 2 in 1 nappy: This is where the inserts are attached to the nappy and the whole unit is washed together
  • Inserts: One or two go in the nappy and they absorb moisture. They might be bamboo, cotton, microfibre, amongst other options
  • Booster: This is an insert but it is generally more absorbent by having more layers, or by being a different and more absorbent fabric, like hemp.
  • Trifold: This is an insert or booster that folds out, and you fold it in three to put into the nappy as an insert. The advantage of these are providing fab-tastic absorbency and being able to be unfolded to dry faster. Win-win. They often have a snap and can snap into a nappy
  • Prefold: This is an insert, and it is similar to a trifold (I think...) 🤔 
  • Cover: This is the waterproof PUL (Polyurethane laminate) cover, the part with the colour and the fun! If the insert only is wet you can keep the same cover on baby and just change the insert.
  • OSFM: One size fits most. These are the nappies that most often have the snaps (and look the same as TUTI's) and the size can be changed to fit children from 3.5kg-16kg.
  • Liner: This is a liner that is flushable/compostable/burnable and it is used for convenience. You wrap it over the insert and it will catch poop and then you can dispose of the liner. Great for people starting out.

Check out our three quick how-to video's on youtube 'tuti baby nz' for how to use our nappies.