Hemp Booster Insert - Single


Need a boost?

Hemp is a natural fibre that is one of the most absorbent available. It is a work horse being breathable, hypoallergenic and not irritating to the skin. It has been shown that hemp is able to kill bacteria that comes into contact with its surface.

These hemp boosters work well for nighttime. Place a hemp booster under a bamboo insert or cotton trifold. This will provide you with a maximum absorbency and slim line fitting. It can also be used as a super thirsty daytime insert.

Hemp is strong and durable meaning that you will have these inserts for years to come. Having two to 10 of these in your nappy stash will have you sorted.

Preparation: With hemp, like other natural fibres, you need to pre-wash it to remove the natural oils. This will start to build kick-ass second to none absorbency. Do so over night in cold water or, even better pre-wash in warm water with a soap-based powder. The more you use your hemp booster, the more absorbent it gets. By ten washes you will be at full speed.

Hemp, like many things nature makes shrinks. We have accounted for this in our production process.