Don't be the next anything.
Be the new something.


When we went to buy quality cloth nappies for our children we could not find anything that bridged the gap between style and sustainability. So we did it. We measured, designed, tested, refined, combined to create what we, as parents, knew to be the best cloth nappy.

We take on feedback from parents ALL the time and continue to refine our designs over, and over, and over again because better never stops. 

We love to have fun in everything we do and we create products that parents and babies need. We put the fun into functional. Childhood is a fun, energetic and creative space and we wanted to pay homage to that in all of our products.

Us parents lead busy and complicated lives so we went to work creating nappies that allowed anyone curious about cloth nappies get stuck in and feel confident to use them one time, some of the time, part-time or full time. We will be truly happy to kick butt against just one disposable nappy in landfill. 18 Years ago I worked at daycare and saw the space that the waste commanded. Here we are today, dealing to that.

Our materials are the best we have found along multiple trials and samples. One size fits most (OSFM) is used for simplicity, no worries about sizing 4-16 kg and with multiple children you have no fuss. We have custom designed the cut, shape and fabrics on the nappies, their inserts and all of our products.

We've worked hard to make sure anytime you buy a nappy, you get everything you need to use it. Anytime you buy a nappy pack you have everything you need to get going. Simplicity is king.

We have three children three and under and as afore mentioned, we work hard on the design of our nappies, moving them closer to perfection every new round. We talk to lots of customers and incorporate their feedback into the designs. We work with New Zealand designers to create our prints and New Zealand artists to draw our beautiful pictures. We are a New Zealand owned and operated business who supports other New Zealand and Australian businesses and families and individuals by working with them and collaborating with them. We donate to the SPCA monthly and the New Zealand Cloth Nappy Fund.

We hope that TUTI can look after your shits and give you giggles. x