Children are not messy, they just have improper clothes.

This sell out print is now available in a sleeved bib. We make our bibs a little longer to save all that lands on the lap. Also, there are two size options at the back for fitting the neck.

Clothes covered. Less washing.

The sleeved bib is here to save the day! Not looking so posh with babes porridge sodden top? We are here to help - 

Our custom printed sleeve bib has an open back and elastic cuffed long sleeves. Get those sleeves on and a quick snap at that back and you will march on in mere seconds. Made of waterproof PUL,they wipe down and wash up super easy. A front pocket will pick up where things leapt off the table.

The sleeved bibs fit sizes 5-18 months (approximately).

Our unisex designs mean that everyone in the family can have a go.

A must have for meals, daycare, grandma's house water play, painting, sand and messy play.