Bet yo ass it's good. Grab our 6 pack and give it a go. You choose any nappies from our collections and we create you a customised kit of premium modern cloth nappies. Each nappy comes with an original print waterproof PUL cover lined with soft suede as well as two silky soft and ultra thirsty bamboo fleece inserts that snap right into place. One is longer meaning you can double it over to achieve maximum absorbency. You can use just one insert, or two giving you the option for whatever suits best. These nappies fit babes from 4kg - 16kg with multiple sizing options. Enjoy our nature inspired and fun filled nappy pack! The planet and our kids will love you for it. Know that you’re making a difference as it takes as much energy to produce one disposable nappy as it does to wash a cloth nappy 200 times. Get going and save money on nappies, even with part-time use!