Long Bamboo Fleece Ultra Thirsty Insert


I'm so thirsty.


You can now purchase our exclusive custom designed inserts on their own. The inserts are a bamboo fleece blend with a layer inside of bamboo and another layer of micro fleece inside. These are the best balance of thirsty and trim fit. We've been through multiple trials and designs to come up with this bad boy. The composition is 80% bamboo with a synthetic (20%) woven through the fibre. This is to increase absorption and also to increase durability of the fabric. The inserts will see you through 2-3 children.

Bamboo is desirable as it is hypoallergenic, thermoregulating, it breathes. It is a natural fibre and it is one of the most absorbent fabrics available. It does not release liquid when it is maximised (no compression leaks). This is an important difference to microfibre inserts that will release liquid when they're full. Environmentally, bamboo is a sustainable fast growing resource. 

These are top value, no doubt about it. Enjoy them! The length means that you can fold them at the front for a boy, or through the middle for a girl to create extra layers of absorbency where moisture first hits the nappy. This is optional. They can lay on top of the nappy shell or can be stuffed inside. There is no problem having this fabric against your child's skin.