I'm a big kid now !

Here are the waterproof training pants you need.

Save the carpet. Save the clothes.

You sent an SOS and...

We received it.

These are a waterproof PUL (soft cotton lined) design with a padded gusset and stretch cotton leg bands and waist band to make things all the more comfortable for your little trainer. 

We couldn't find anything for our little trainer that fit the bill so this is what we designed.

Size M is 6 - 8 kg fitting.

Size L is 8 - 15 kg fitting.

Size XL is 15 - 23 kg fitting.

We've covered the most common size fit for toddlers.

Reusable, sustainable, unisex. What could possibly go wrong? 🤣

Enjoy your toilet training journey with us.
XL size pictured.